About Us

About Us

Refina has been around since the mid-90s. We specialize in choice market research using front-line tools and techniques. We cooperate both with end-clients as well as other consultants.

Our aim is to work closely and long term with our clients and partners. This in order to over time get a deep understanding of the market conditions and buyer behavior that our clients meet.  

It is highly inspiring and great fun!



Janne Nylund

Refina Information AB was founded in 1995 and is run by Janne Nylund. Janne has a degree in business administration and marketing and has worked fulltime with marketing research since 1988.

Before founding Refina, Janne worked as an account executive at two major research agencies in Sweden, designing ad-hoc studies for products and services throughout the entire life-cycle from early concept testing to relaunch research. Main clients were multinational FMCG companies. Already in those days Janne spent considerable time and effort in developing and promoting methods based on conjoint analysis.